Harper Limbach

Harper, a Limbach Holdings, Inc. company founded in 1901, delivers and maintains quality building systems, focusing specifically on MEP+C-intensive projects for building owners and contractors. Harper commits to providing the owner the best end-product in terms of price and quality; we also manage all components of mechanical, electrical, plumbing, and control systems for the building owner from system design and construction through performance and maintenance.


Nick Angerosa

Nick currently serves as the President of Harper Limbach. Nick joined Harper in 2012 and oversaw the growth of the Tampa Branch before being promoted to President in 2020.

Nick is responsible for the entire Florida business, including mechanical construction, mechanical prime, special projects, and service departments. These departments work collaboratively to deliver high-level products to their customers and ensure above-average industry-standard profits for their stakeholders while maintaining an excellent safety record.

Nick’s vision for Harper is to play a part in leading the company as a best-in-class provider of value-driven building solutions and services that Harper offers to its diverse client base.

Before joining Harper, Nick worked as a Project Manager and Division Manager with The Poole & Kent Company of Florida from 1997 to 2012. His valuable experience there in delivering a variety of special projects and major construction projects prepared him for his current role at Harper.

Nick Angerosa


Since 1975, CPL has grown into a multi-disciplined firm, cultivating inspiring designs with clients in the community, healthcare, higher education, K-12 education and transportation sectors. We maintain 21 offices across seven states, including Florida, Georgia, New York, North Carolina, Ohio, Pennsylvania and South Carolina.

Everything we do is engineered to strengthen the bonds between us and our dedicated partners. Working side-by-side with clients to bring ambitious projects to life is what truly energizes us. That’s why what we create together lasts.

Ryan Daniels

With over two decades of visionary leadership in architecture and design across various markets, Ryan is creating health and wellbeing facilities that have a direct, positive impact on improving lives.

He believes design, innovation and technology are the driving forces to create built environments where people interact, live, work, play, shop, discover, heal and educate. His passion lies in delivering impressionable experiences through quality design, and he infuses every project with strategic direction and a fresh perspective.

Blending healthcare expertise and ingenuity, Ryan fosters a collaborative “think tank” culture that unites diverse perspectives to achieve data-driven outcomes. Moreover, he becomes deeply embedded in the communities he lives and works with, actively volunteering in local organizations, serving on boards of directors and participating in committees to enhance the welfare of all. He remains focused on cultivating robust client partnerships, recruiting top talent and identifying high-value opportunities that align with CPL’s vision for growth throughout the state of Florida and beyond.

Ryan Daniels
VP, Florida Healthcare Practice Leader