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Craig Richard
President & CEO

(813) 518-2620

Big Fish

Big Fish is a boutique software design, development and consulting studio in Tampa, Florida. Companies in the healthcare and field service industries hire us to design and develop their custom mobile applications. We are an experienced team of software craftspeople, fueled by the belief that the right software can transform your organization – or entire industry! Companies hire us when a one-size-fits-all software solution won’t meet their needs. After all, innovation doesn’t happen with the generic or mass-market.

Sara MacQueen

Sara has a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science and spent 10 years in project management and consulting before founding Big Fish. She relocated to the Tampa Bay area from Canada in 2015. Sara has been interviewed by a variety of local and national media for her expertise in mobile tech and business, and was chosen as one of 25 Mobile Women to Watch by a national magazine. In her free time, Sara enjoys hitting the water in her kayak, visiting a local craft brewery or sharing a good meal with friends in the Tampa Bay area.

Sara MacQueen
Founder and President