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Port Tampa Bay



Port Tampa Bay’s longstanding supremacy among Florida ports is based largely on its leadership in handling of bulk and break‐bulk cargos, including phosphate, steel and petroleum, as well as in the shipbuilding industry. Over the past decade, Port Tampa Bay has impressively advanced its container-handling capabilities and seen a rapid growth in regional distribution facilities. Port Tampa Bay handles more than 34 million tons of cargo a year, nearly 40 percent of all cargo moving in and out of the state of Florida. This embraces virtually every imaginable commodity, including vehicles and oversized project cargos, from all corners of the world. Top trade partners include India, Mexico, Brazil, Trinidad, Canada, Russia, Australia, Japan, Argentina and Turkey. At the same time, the Port of Tampa has emerged among the top eight U.S. cruise ports, smoothly handling nearly 1 million passenger moves a year.

Paul Anderson

Former Federal Maritime Commissioner Paul Anderson joined Port Tampa Bay as President and CEO in December 2012. Among his many leadership roles, Anderson is Chairman of the Florida Ports Financing Commission and has been appointed by the American Association of Port Authorities to lead a newly-created cooperative effort of the AAPA and the U.S. Conference of Mayors. He serves as Legislative Chairman of the Florida Ports Council and on the Florida Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors. In 2003, Anderson was nominated to the Federal Maritime Commission by President George W. Bush, where he served a five-year term and was also appointed to the cabinet-level Committee on Marine Transportation. Anderson previously served as President and CEO of the Jacksonville Port Authority, President of International Oil and Shipping Company in Boca Raton and Senior Director of Seabulk Marine in Fort Lauderdale. Anderson is a graduate of the University of Florida and completed the Senior Managers in Government program at Harvard University’s John F. Kennedy School of Government.

Paul Anderson
President and CEO