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Verséa is a diversified global healthcare company engaged in scientific discovery, development and commercialization of innovative products and services intended to diagnose, manage, and treat debilitating diseases. Verséa is committed to transforming scientific discoveries into applicable healthcare & wellness solutions that are critical to improving patients’ lives. Research & education remain as the foundation of Verséa’s seven core divisions: Verséa Diagnostics, Verséa Ophthalmics, Verséa Biologics, Verséa Discovery, Verséa Health, Verséa Wellness and Verséa AgroTech.

Sean Fetcho

Sean Fetcho is the co-founder and CEO of Verséa Holdings, Inc., a global healthcare company committed to transforming scientific discoveries into applicable health and wellness solutions.

Sean’s shared passion for the evolving healthcare industry and for building early-stage companies prompted him to drive explosive growth for Verséa over the past few years.

Prior to Verséa, Sean’s roster of early stage and start-up companies includes multiple industries spanning from Agrotech, online consumer magazines and finance.

Sean successfully created, launched, and oversaw 8 highly successful print and digital publication that targeted oncology, pain management and cardiology professionals, all of which remain in circulation today. He was then recruited into a Continuing Medical Education (CME) company where Sean developed and executed on new revenue streams that helped structure the business for an exit. Within 3 years, Aventine (PAINWeek) sold to a publicly traded company on the London Stock Exchange.

Sean Fetcho
Co-Founder and CEO