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Tampa Bay is a natural fit for fintech companies as the financial and professional services industry continues to see double digit growth. In recent years, major companies have opened global capability centers in Tampa that manage multiple lines of business. They are lured here by our region’s diverse talent pool, friendly business climate and a high quality of life.

Tampa Bay’s fintech ecosystem is gaining traction on every level. Startup activity is high, industry leaders like Fintech and Wise lead the way in innovation, and global companies like Citi, DTCC, and JPMorgan Chase employ thousands in fintech roles at their large Tampa campuses.

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In 2020, the Tampa Bay area had over 115,300 employed in some type of key tech or financial role.

“We are extremely excited about Citi’s presence here in Tampa. We have nearly 8,000 staff, we’ve been here for nearly 20 years, and it is the second largest site for Citi outside of New York City. We have an extremely sophisticated workforce here. This is a location where we perform extremely complex middle and front office roles for the firm.” – Craig McKenney, head of Citi’s Tampa Bay campus, which added more than 700 jobs at its Tampa site in 2020.

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