ED Talks Pulls Back the Curtain on AI and Automation in Health Care

May 31, 2022

Last week, one of our newest EDC investors, USF Morsani College of Medicine, hosted our latest ED Talks! event on the subject of artificial intelligence and automation and the transformative impacts those two innovations are having in the healthcare industry. As our moderator, Dr. Charles Lockwood, the College’s dean, noted, a confluence of factors have created havoc for health systems trying to hire and keep staff: the pressures of COVID-19 on health care workers, the Great Resignation, and more competitive wages offered in other industries have led to massive workforce shortages. As a result, hospitals have been exploring options for dealing with the lack of workers while maintaining consistent levels of care and reducing expenses. And many of the solutions they have been seeking have come as a result of automation.

In their discussion, panelists Scott Arnold, Executive Vice President/CIO, Tampa General Hospital; Peter Chang, MD, VP, Care Transformation, Tampa General Hospital; and Glenn Waters, Executive Vice President/COO, BayCare Health System, gave examples of how they are using AI and automation from an operations perspective and in care settings. Our highly engaged audience asked several questions that sparked further conversation into other issues such as patient privacy, use of robots in surgery, and personalized medicine, to name a few.

The event was sponsored by SouthState Bank and our FY2023 Chairman, Angel Gonzalez. He remarked that SouthState is proud to underwrite events like ED Talks, which provide rare opportunities for business leaders in our region to explore topics like this and gain greater insight into the ripple effects of trends like these on the wider community. We are proud to offer this kind of programming and showcase the thought leadership that is resident in our region.

It’s hard to believe that June is already upon us and we’ll be heading into our fourth quarter in just one month. Our team is looking forward to a busy few months and a strong finish for FY2022.

Best wishes to you all for an enjoyable summer.