Expanding? Looking for great talent? Three ways the Tampa Hillsborough EDC can help

July 21, 2015

Running a business is hard; growing it shouldn’t be. The Tampa Hillsborough EDC’s Business Retention and Expansion team can connect you with the tools and resources you’ve been looking for to help your company get to the next level.
Here are three ways our BRE team can be of service to your company at no cost:
1.) You’re growing and need more space.
Your product is flying off the shelves, and you’re staffing up to keep pace with the demand. But your facilities can’t accommodate all of the employees you’ve hired and all the equipment you’ve just brought in as well.
Whether you’re looking to expand your current facilities or move to a larger building, the EDC can help. Our team of Business Development Managers can help you expedite permitting for a buildout or find a larger space that will meet your current and future needs.
2.) You need more employees – or upgrade the skills of the ones you have. 
Hiring great employees with the right mix of skills your business needs can be a daunting task – requiring hours of searching through résumés, scheduling interviews, and checking references. To help growing companies streamline this process, the EDC has partnered with CareerSource Tampa Bay (CSTB) to assist local businesses find talented professionals with the skills they need.
Once hired, it can be difficult for employees to stay abreast of industry trends, programs, and procedures. Our Business Development Managers can help connect you with training grants, available through CSTB, that can upgrade your employees’ skills at minimal cost to your company.
3.) You want to break into foreign markets, but don’t know where to begin.
Your product is in every corner of the United States, and now, it’s time to explore new growth opportunities overseas. But where? Will your product be best received in Canada or Chile? Or would companies in Germany be your best bet? The EDC’s International Business Development department can connect you with resources that will help you determine which international markets could offer you the best export and trade opportunities.
These are just three of the many ways the Tampa Hillsborough EDC can help your business thrive. For more information or to discuss one of these opportunities with our team, please visit tampabayedc.com or contact Jake Austin, Director of Business Retention and Expansion at jaustin@tampabayedc.com or (813) 518-2640.Connectwise