How a Tampa medical technology company will fill 70 jobs in two years

May 19, 2015

    Wade Tyler Millward | Tampa Bay Business Journal   Satish Sanan has lost track of how many times he’s retired.   He's now ended his fourth or fifth retirement, telling a crowd of TV cameras during a press conference with Gov. Rick Scott on May 18 that he's now working on building Inspirata, a company that Sana said would make a difference in diagnosing cancer.   While Scott focused on 70 jobs with an average salary of $86,000 that Inspirata promises to create in two years, Sanan wants his company’s reputation built on his product.   Through quality technology, an expert staff, and deep pockets from the serial entrepreneur, Inspirata will grow, Sanan said. His recruitment strategy doesn’t hinge on the quality of life in Tampa Bay often cited in economic development efforts.   “This will be my legacy,” the CEO said of Inspirata, which he incorporated in the fall. “There is something about this company that has me consumed.”   That something is, in part, Sanan’s belief Inspirata has the technology to beat competition in its three services of data analytics, digital pathology and companion diagnostics.   Inspirata’s field is highly competitive. Dr. Keith Kaplan, who flew down from Charlotte, North Carolina, to cover the jobs announcement for his Digital Pathology Blog, estimated Inspirata shares a market with about 30 other companies. Inspirata is a sponsor of his blog.