Investor Spotlight: Cousins Properties

February 14, 2018

Founded in 1958, Cousins Properties Incorporated has developed over 32 million square feet of office, retail, and medical space. Cousins’ commitment to excellence is reflected in its dedicated professionals, who have been recognized on numerous occasions for their outstanding customer service.

Kyle Burd, who joined Cousins in 2016 to lead the Tampa regional team, has more than 30 years of real estate experience. His responsibilities include the oversight of all day-to-day operations for the region including asset management, leasing, investments, and business development. Prior to joining Cousins, he was Vice President and Managing Director at Parkway Properties, joining the company following its acquisition of EOLA Capital. Before his time with Parkway and EOLA, Kyle spent 20 years at CBRE leading an investment sales team.

What would you point out as some of Tampa and Hillsborough County’s key business advantages to companies considering relocating to the area?
This area is welcoming and conducive to businesses of all sizes and industries. Tampa and Hillsborough County’s political climate, government, and the established regulatory processes openly welcome businesses and invite them into our community. Whether you are a business looking to grow here or you are one from out the area looking to move here, our community has the resources that companies need to thrive.

I really applaud our community leaders on all that they’ve done to get Tampa and Hillsborough County to this point. As a whole, they are responsive to local business needs and what it takes to help companies grow and succeed in Tampa Bay.

What recent relocation or expansion in Tampa and Hillsborough County will impact our business community the most?
Amgen is a gamechanger for our community. Not only are they a leading life sciences company, but the whole way they do business and handle talent is different.

They are hiring a more skilled workforce that is performing different tasks than we’ve seen here before. The way their office is designed to help employees function better is different and innovative. They simply think differently, and I believe that is what is going to push our community to develop an even better business climate than what we have today.

What excites you most about the future of Tampa and Hillsborough County?
We have great momentum, and it feels right. I can’t wait to see what company is coming here next or what homegrown company is expanding here soon.

The EDC has been so successful at attracting the right companies, like Amgen and Bristol-Myers Squibb, and keeping companies like USAA here. New companies of all sizes that will transform our business community – and the talent that keeps them running – are coming here every day.

How does an organization like the Tampa Hillsborough EDC play an important role in the economic vitality of our community?
The EDC does a fantastic job at positioning our community as a top business destination. They play a critical role in developing economic vitality that spreads even beyond Hillsborough County’s borders. The team is able to sell the big picture that individual companies can’t focus on. Through the EDC, the individual companies can band together to get our message out there and really push our business community further.