Investor Spotlight: Diamond View

April 27, 2021

Diamond View is a five-time Emmy Award-winning video agency headquartered in Tampa, Florida. Since 2007, Diamond View has been recognized as a leader in purpose-driven video production and is on a mission to use video as a force for good, connecting brands and communities alike. Diamond View also specializes in virtual production and houses one of the largest LED volumes in the world at their studio, , featured on the TODAY Show.

Tim Moore, CEO 

Tim Moore is a five-time Emmy award-winning Director and author of ‘Sold on Purpose’. As a curiously driven entrepreneur, Tim has become a leading expert in purpose-driven marketing over the last 10 years and has developed emotionally compelling campaigns for brands all around the world. He is an outspoken advocate of transformative advertising, which uses advertising as a force for good, allowing brands to make a real difference in the world. He was also featured on the TODAY Show as a leader in virtual production. 

You recently partnered with the University of Tampa to provide students with hands-on production experience. What impact or goals are hoping to achieve with this partnership?  

Our shared objective with the University of Tampa is to help bridge the gap between academia and industry so that students can get hands-on experience earlier in their educational journey and ultimately give them the same competitive advantage that students in other production hubs like New York, L.A., and Atlanta have.  

You’ve launched phase 2 of your virtual production studio Vu at University Mall. How do you see this facility impacting the local community? 

Phase two takes  from a 10,000 square foot studio to a 35,000 square foot campus with two virtual production studios, partner offices and room for a full industrial kitchen. Having this additional space allows us to work more closely with the local community by offering training space for students attending nearby universities, hosting workshops for local filmmakers, and becoming a venue space for local businesses, among other things.  

We’ve also seen that our commitment to Rithm at Uptown has been infectious and that other entrepreneurs and business owners want to join us in our effort to bring new opportunities to the area. We look forward to seeing Rithm at Uptown’s vision – to become the largest, urban mixed-use innovation community in the state – be realized and are grateful to have a small part in that mission.  

What role do you see your organization playing in helping to shape our community’s future?  

We’re confident in the learning, research and development that this new space will support. Our goal isn’t just to advance the virtual production industry, but to also bring new products to market that are also relevant to healthcare, academics, hospitality, etc. We hope to work hand-in-hand with our local community to see a greater impact.  

How has the EDC played a role in helping your business succeed in Tampa and Hillsborough County?   

The EDC has played a pivotal role in our success by helping us tap into resources that expedite our business goals, providing us access to business and community leadership, inviting us to meaningful events for the city, and really being a true strategic partner in providing us with opportunities that contribute to our overall growth.