Investor Spotlight: Diamond View

June 19, 2017

Diamond View is best known for its national commercial work with clients such as Gatorade, Corona, and Purina. Today, the company’s core focus is on high-end commercial and branding videos. In addition to creating commercial campaigns, the firm is a major advocate for the economic development of North Tampa’s Innovation Place. Diamond View was recognized as one of the “Best Places to Work in Tampa Bay” by the Tampa Bay Business Journal in 2015 and 2016, and was awarded the “Coolest Office Space in Tampa Bay” by the Tampa Bay Business Journal in 2016. Their clients include fortune 500 companies such as Nationwide, Gatorade, and Red Bull.

Founder of Diamond View, Tim Moore studied marketing and business management at Pasco Hernando State College and the University of South Florida. During his time at Pasco Hernando State College, he was a member of the Phi Beta Lambda Business Program and was elected president of the student body in 2009. Moore is an active supporter of the local police and firefighter associations in Hillsborough County; a founding member of the nonprofit The Tampa Foundation Inc.; a member of the United Way’s YLS Steering Committee; was selected as a finalist in the Tampa Bay Business Journal’s “2016 Up and Comers Under 30;” and is on the board of StandUp Tampa.

1) As a business leader here, what aspects make Tampa and Hillsborough County such an attractive location for companies and talent?
Many people move to Tampa because of the weather, but I think most people stay because of the opportunity. Tampa is an emerging market, so it embodies many of the positive qualities that promote growth like low cost of living, very little regulation, no state income tax, multiple universities producing talent, and great culture. Tampa has all of this without the complex, high cost, highly competitive qualities of large developed markets. I believe this opportunity for growth makes Tampa so attractive to new companies and talent.

2) In your opinion, what was the biggest win for our community in the past few years?
Over the last few years, I’ve seen Tampa positively transform its urban core. From new restaurants to hosting major events like the college football national championship game to hip new places to live, Tampa is no longer a commuter city for those who live in the surrounding suburbs. Tampa is transitioning to a vibrant and cultured urban core. I think this is a big win to attract talent that is interested in experiencing this type of lifestyle.

3) How does your company impact the business culture of Tampa and Hillsborough County?
Our company is young and ambitious with a positive perspective on the opportunity that Tampa has to offer. We believe that the best success stories of Tampa have yet to come, and our impact is telling this story to the world. We also recognize there is an amazing opportunity for new development throughout the county, so our team of creatives is actively involved in a number of community development projects to help dream a more innovative future for our region.

4) How has the EDC helped your company continue to grow and thrive here in Hillsborough County?
Since our official introduction to the EDC team last year, they have been very helpful in connecting us with local business owners and city leaders as well as inviting us to meaningful events for the city. These types of connections are valuable to our growth and development as an emerging company in this market, and ultimately, give us a strategic opportunity to be a contributor to the success of Tampa.

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