Investor Spotlight: Frontier Communications

November 14, 2016

Frontier_DirectoryFrontier Communications is an S&P 500 company and Fortune 500 company. Frontier serves predominantly a mix of urban, suburban, and rural areas across the U.S. The company offers a variety of services to customers over its fiber-optic and copper networks, including video, high-speed internet, advanced voice and Frontier Secure digital protection solutions. Frontier Business Edge offers communications solutions to small, medium, and enterprise businesses.

Melanie Williams was named Florida Senior Vice President and General Manager of Frontier Communications in April 2016, concurrent with Frontier’s acquisition of Verizon’s wireline assets. On December 1, she was named SVP of Operations for North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, Mississippi, Tennessee and Alabama, in addition to Florida.  In her current role, Williams has responsibility for operations, and customer service strategies that impact the end-to-end service delivery of hundreds of thousands of customers. She was also appointed to serve as an Executive Member of Frontier’s National Diversity and Inclusion Council, charged with shaping the cultural strategy of the organization.

Williams is very active in the Tampa Bay business and volunteer community. In addition to serving on the Executive Committee for the EDC, she currently serves on Melanie Williamsthe University Of Tampa Board Of Trustees and the Tampa Bay Partnership. She is also a fervent Spokesperson/Executive Cabinet Member for the American Heart Association (AHA).

1. Those of us who live here know that Hillsborough County is a great place to live and work. When you are recruiting top talent from out of market, what aspects of our community are often cited as positive factors influencing their decision to relocate here?
Tampa is a great place to work, live, and raise a family – we have a strong business climate, are constantly innovating, and enjoy a lifestyle that has something for everyone. With a strong business climate, Hillsborough County offers a great quality of life and a variety of industries, and has a host of top companies, such as Frontier, located here.

Additionally, innovation and entrepreneurship play an important role in driving the business culture of the entire region. We enjoy a strong support system of mentors and innovators, and many companies have been able to launch and successfully grow here.
And lastly, we enjoy an incredible lifestyle. A major metro with an affordable cost of living, the Tampa area offers top amenities, some of the most incredible communities in the country, and many of America’s best high schools. There’s something for everyone here, whether you’re into top-rated restaurants, museums, art and music festivals, professional sporting events, or outdoor activities – you can never claim you are bored in Tampa!
2. What is your favorite aspect of living in Tampa Bay?
My favorite part of living in Tampa is the people. I have lived in this area most of my life and graduated from Hillsborough High School – and I owe the positive experience I had to the people I have encountered and the relationships I have formed. Tampa is a tight knit community, and you feel that as soon as you get here. I couldn’t imagine living anywhere else and am so proud to call Tampa home!

3. Where do you derive the most benefit for yourself and your company as an Investor of the EDC?
I have always said if you want to go fast, go alone; if you want to go far, go together. Collaboration and teamwork are two principles I stress to my team. The importance and power of collaboration is something the EDC understands and lives. The EDC brings together business leaders and stakeholders from across the community in a way that brings value for all those who are involved.

4. How has the EDC played a role in helping your business succeed in Tampa and Hillsborough County?
To understand the benefit of EDC is to understand its values: Vision, Collaboration, Results, Pride, and Integrity. The EDC helps us think big, engage in teamwork, hold ourselves accountable, and believe in our community.

5. What is the number one thing that you believe will impact our region’s competitiveness in the coming decade?
The strength of our region lies in our people. Plain and simple: Tampa has talent. We have an incredibly innovative, smart, and hardworking workforce. In Tampa and at places like Frontier, we are fortunate to have incredible talent – the foundation of any great company.
We have numerous top-rated companies that make our community great for business. Skilled, dedicated employees are the driving force behind these incredible companies.
We are the population center of an eight-county region with an active labor force. We are talented, and educated – a combination that will benefit the community for years to come.