Investor Spotlight: The Bromley Companies

March 14, 2016

bromley-companiesSince its founding in 1972, The Bromley Companies has built a diversified portfolio of real estate across the country. The senior management team has successfully collaborated on a broad range of property investments, development, and dispositions. With their sharp focus on developing compelling tenant spaces and highly personalized service, The Bromley Companies has developed many loyal relationships with both global Fortune 500 enterprises as well as individual residential tenants.
Since founding The Bromley Companies in 1972, William L. Haines has established a national reputation as a real estate investor, developer, and operator. He has guided the successful acquisition and development of over three million square feet of retail, residential, and commercial real estate during his career. Bromley projects have won numerous development and architectural awards under his leadership. Prior to his founding Bromley, Haines served as Director of Housing for Ohio University and Director of Leasing and Management for Tishman Realty and Construction. Active on many fronts, he serves on the Board of Directors of Barnes & Noble College Bookstores, Inc. and sits as Chairman Emeritus of the Board of Trustees at Ithaca College, in addition to his role on the Executive Committee of the EDC.
1) What business expansion or relocation project has had the biggest impact on Tampa and Hillsborough County?
Each of the projects has been beneficial in their own way to Tampa and Hillsborough County. They have been introducing our community to the rest of the country and showing how great our community is for business. Collectively, they’re making a statement that they believe Hillsborough County is better for business.
2) What makes Tampa and Hillsborough County an ideal place for a corporate headquarters?
There are so many factors that make our community a great place for a corporate headquarters. I’ve been watching Tampa and Hillsborough County grow for more than 25 years, and I think this is the best we’ve ever been, and we just keep getting better. Our political climate makes our community ideal for corporate headquarters, as well as relocations of all sizes. We have a great higher education system with schools like University of South Florida and University of Tampa. Businesses need a solid and respected educational component, and ours continue to grow with assets like the medical school moving to downtown. I also believe that the companies already located here attract similar companies and provide credibility to Tampa and Hillsborough County by having established operations here.
3) How has Tampa been an asset for you in recruiting top talent to your organization?
I started in Tampa in the early 1990s, and I’ve watched the community grow and shape into what it stands today – a vibrant community with a lot of positive William Hainesqualities. We have a “small town” feel, but we have a great urban center that provides a sophistication level that talent, as well as employers, crave. This shines through to anyone who comes and visits Tampa.
4) What role do you see your organization playing in helping to shape our community’s future?
Like many others, we are aggressively recruiting outsiders to our organization. Companies and organizations like ours can be a part of the recruiting process while the EDC “drives the bus.” We are a strong support system to the EDC and other economic development professionals and partners.
5) Where do you derive the most benefit for yourself and your organization as an investor of the EDC?
The most important benefit to me is being able to better Tampa and Hillsborough County. I strongly believe in the greater good of the community, and bringing quality, above-average wage jobs to Tampa and Hillsborough County will continue to better our community.