Investor Spotlight: Trickey Jennus

June 17, 2015

22551 tom headshot
Tom Jennus; Principal, Trickey Jennus

A full service branding strategy and integrated marketing agency, Trickey Jennus provides advertising services to a diverse range of business categories, including economic development, power generation and engineering, health care, and education. In addition to the Tampa Hillsborough EDC, Trickey Jennus has clients throughout Florida and the Southeast. The firm’s work has been recognized by local, regional and national organizations both within the product category and in advertising competitions.
One half of the founding duo of Trickey Jennus, Tom Jennus leads the team in strategy development for branding and positioning for each client. His leadership is demonstrated by his dedication to collaboration and his canny ability and commitment to directed listening. These skills bring the best product to the top while nurturing the creative process.
In your view, what was the biggest win for Tampa and Hillsborough County in recent years?
There have been so many, but the biggest win for our community in recent years to me has been the alignment of our government, business, and community leaders on business recruitment and expansion. Their support of the EDC mission and willingness to collaborate has been instrumental in driving the growth of our region and is cultivating a climate for business success. In a nutshell, we have the right people moving Tampa Bay forward.
What motivated you to become an investor of the Tampa Hillsborough EDC?
I have lived in the Tampa Bay area for 25 years. The best way to help ensure our future here is by being involved in this great community. I want to surround myself with people who love this place as much as I do, who are as motivated to make a difference, and are as excited about its economic prospects as I am. That defines the people and companies that partner with the EDC.
What makes Tampa and Hillsborough County such a great place to do business?
Tampa’s low cost of doing business is a vital asset that we are lucky to have. What makes Tampa Bay a pro-business environment are the resources available to companies, large and small. And with the creative class in this region on the rise, we are able to take advantage of the great local talent available in our industry.
What makes Tampa and Hillsborough County an ideal place for a corporate headquarters?
The EDC and its community partners have worked tirelessly to create conditions for growth and development for companies looking to move their headquarters here. Our education system is producing an excellent pipeline of talent. Tampa International Airport and Port Tampa Bay are two extraordinary assets for companies doing business nationally and internationally. There’s plenty of desirably located land for companies that want to build their dream campus here, and great commercial space in both urban and suburban sites. It’s easier than ever to do business here, and our quality of life can’t be beat. But what makes this area so special for companies looking to relocate their headquarters is how the EDC connects and tailors those attributes specific to each potential organization’s needs.