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Lions World Vision Institute

Lions World Vision Institute is a nonprofit organization committed to honoring vision as a basic human right. Our work extends around the globe and includes donor family and recipient support, advanced tissue preparation for transplant cases, innovative research and technology development, eye bank and surgeon training programs, pediatric vision services, and community-based education in local and international communities for those who are visually impaired. With our worldwide ecosystem of eye banks, surgeons, and research leaders, we work tirelessly to honor a donor’s gift by protecting and supporting sight restoration for hundreds of thousands of people—transforming lives around the world…. So the world can see.

Our cornerstone services include:

  • Donation and Transplant Services: We are a global leader in transplant facilitation, working closely with donor families, transplant recipients, hospitals, and surgeons to provide hope and healing through cornea and tissue transplantation.
  • Research & Innovation: Our medical innovations and research breakthroughs are designed to streamline cornea transplant procedures for surgeons and improve clinical outcomes for patients.
  • Prevention & Education: Our nationally recognized community programs provide thousands of children free access to eye care every year – protecting their right to clear sight

Jason Woody

Jason K. Woody serves as the President and CEO of Lions World Vision Institute. He and his dedicated team have helped bring the “gift of sight” to over 130,000 men, women and children around the world. His true commitment to help those blind or visually has been demonstrated by his over 25 year tenure with the Lions World Vision Institute. Woody serves on multiple boards and committees such as the Greater Tampa Chamber of Commerce, University of Tampa Board of Fellows, and the Executive Committee of the Eye Bank Association of America and Donate Life America as the Vice-Chair. Woody also serves on the Organ and Tissue Education Panel for Florida’s Agency for Health Care Administration (AHCA) to represent the interests of the public with regard to increasing the number of organ and tissue donors within the state.

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