Why Everyone is moving to Tampa

January 14, 2019

A writer with recently visited Tampa to find out why the city is attracting so many people – the latest research states that nearly 150 people are moving to Tampa every day!


What the writer uncovered was a city that has not only bounced back from the recession, but one that is also better than ever. Tampa has completely transformed itself into a desirable and competitive city with a thriving urban core, waterfront amenities, steady job growth, and a low cost of living.


“Some may have counted Tampa out after the city was hit hard by the Great Recession. But over the last eight years, Tampa hasn’t just managed to get back up, it’s been completely transformed into a desirable and competitive city. In fact, Tampa is now one of the fastest growing cities in the nation, with nearly 300,000 new residents migrating to the city between 2010 and 2017.”