Mayor promotes Tampa during NYC trip

June 24, 2013

Tampa Mayor Bob Buckhorn has returned from New York City, saying his meetings with large corporations could eventually mean more jobs for the Bay area.
Buckhorn met with representatives of companies that already have a presence in the Bay area, including Time-Warner, Morgan Stanley and Citi-Bank.
He’s trying to convince them to move more of their large operations to west central Florida.
Buckhorn went with members of Tampa’s Economic Development Council and Temple Terrace Mayor Frank Chillura.
“I think almost universally all of these corporations, these are huge, multi-national corporations, really, really enjoy having operations here in Tampa,” said Buckhorn.
“I think you’re going to see more as the tax burden in the Northeast gets increasingly higher, and the cost of doing business is increasingly larger and tougher and Florida has become an even greater alternative for them,” he continued.
The Mayor also visited some of the city’s most famous landmarks, including St. Patrick’s Cathedral and the Statue of Liberty.
He posted photos of his trip on his Twitter account.