ReliaQuest Opens Additional SOC in Las Vegas

October 8, 2015

LAS VEGAS- ReliaQuest, an IT security co-managed solutions provider headquartered in Tampa, Florida, will open the doors to their new Security Operations Center in Las Vegas on October 1, 2015. This being the company’s most recent investment, the 24/7/365 operated and entirely U.S.-based IT security and engineering firm also made an investment of over $1 million in an expansion of its existing Tampa-based SOC earlier this year.
“ReliaQuest remains focused on working as a part of our customer’s team to create the most value out of the security infrastructure and solutions they already own or may be purchasing. Our capability gives them the flexibility to own their solutions, actively work in their solutions, while taking advantage of ReliaQuest’s Co-Managed capability around Incident Response, Content Creation, and Engineering how they need it and when they need it. Our rapidly growing customer base agrees that they should no longer have to choose between in-sourcing or outsourcing security, instead just co-source/co-manage security and maintain the control and flexibility that organizations need in today’s security environment,” said ReliaQuest’s President and CEO, Brian P Murphy.
The new SOC will run 24/7/365, fully-staffed, and delivering co-managed IT security solutions for customers across the U.S. The Vegas location will staff Tier 1, Tier 2, and Tier 3 incident response analysts, content engineers, and security engineers to support both existing and new customers. From here, the team will monitor, enhance, and maintain our customers on premise security solutions.
“Two SOCs. One Operation.  While we will be providing co-management from two geo-graphically dispersed locations, ReliaQuest (RQ) will provide one co-managed operation.  Our clients will continue to receive 24/7 support seamlessly from RQ and all from within the United States,” explained Marc Edquid, ReliaQuest Director of Security Operations.
ReliaQuest continues to rapidly grow their customer base throughout the United States and remains focused on offering its customers both the service level flexibility and geographic flexibility they need to scale and optimize their own security capabilities.
“We’re very excited to complete the stand up of our Security Operations Center in Las Vegas (SOC-V) and bring it to its fully operational capability in October.  SOC-V has been highly anticipated and its completion will increase measurably our ability to deliver RQ co-managed services to our clients.  As an immediate impact, it will expand and improve upon our Disaster Recovery and Continuity of Operations capability by giving us 100% redundancy from another region of the United States.  SOC-V will allow us to failover in times of crisis due to technical mishap, weather or other force majeure and rapidly expand our capacity if a surge is required.  In the long-term, as we grow the capability in Tampa (SOC-T), SOC-V will set the stage for our anticipated expansion into the co-managed security services market place,” said Edquid.
ReliaQuest Bio: ReliaQuest (, LLC a pioneer in IT security solutions, ensures organizations remain secure and compliant as the IT world changes; empowering IT professionals with the latest relevant security technology innovations and services that simplify often complex interactions between security, risk and compliance in order to minimize loss of data, business disruptions and reputation. The ReliaQuest team has a unique ability to deliver optimal solutions combined with our talented staff and documented best practices that unify people, process and technology in both on premise as well as co-managed service requirements.
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