Siemens and Chromalloy Gas Turbine Corporation joint venture to create 350 new jobs, $139M in capital investment

October 23, 2017

Earlier this month, Siemens and Chromalloy Gas Turbine Corporation announced Hillsborough County as the headquarters location for the new joint venture, Advanced Airfoil Components. While Siemens and Chromalloy evaluated many states, they ultimately chose Florida as the best destination for the new headquarters operations.

The opening of the Advanced Airfoil Components manufacturing facility will create 350 new jobs and approximately $139 million in capital investment. The company will lease 210,000 square feet at Tampa Regional Industrial Park and should open late next year.

Siemens and Chromalloy Gas Turbine Corporation formed Advanced Airfoil Components to support manufacturing and producing components that maximize gas turbine performance. Siemens, a global engineering and technology leader, currently employs 5,200 in Florida.

Chromalloy President Carlo Luzzatto said, “With two existing manufacturing facilities in the Tampa area, Chromalloy is excited to continue our investment in the community and to support technical and professional job growth in Florida. This is a strong market for technical candidates, and we are looking forward to identifying highly skilled individuals to support this new, innovative energy business.”

It’s no surprise Siemens and Chromalloy Gas Turbine Corporation chose Hillsborough County as the site of its headquarters for Advanced Airfoil Components. Florida is one of the nation’s top 10 states for manufacturing, with more than 19,000 companies employing more than 331,000 people. Last year, Governor Scott secured the permanent elimination of the sales tax on manufacturing machinery and equipment, so Florida manufacturers can invest more money in growing their businesses and creating new jobs.

The Advanced Airfoil Components project was made possible through strong partnerships between Enterprise Florida, the Tampa Hillsborough Economic Development Corporation, Hillsborough County, and the Florida Department of Economic Opportunity.