Tampa among top 10 cities to live after pandemic

March 24, 2021

The COVID-19 pandemic has led many Americans to reconsider what is most important to them, and that includes where they choose to live. According to Pew Research, one in five U.S. adults (about 22%) say they either changed residence due to the pandemic or know someone who did.

Real estate expert Stefanie Berkin, president of R New York, the fifth largest real estate company in New York City, recently appeared on the Today show to discuss the new priorities Americans have when buying a house. “Americans are putting more emphasis on quality of life,” Berkin said, taking into account factors like affordability, population density, diversity, local school systems, health care, environment and recreation activities.

Tampa was among Berkin’s list of top 10 cities to live after the pandemic. According to the story, Tampa seems to have all the right ingredients to make it a great city to live in after the pandemic: affordability, safety, job market, education and culture. Weather also plays a big role in determining where people want to live year-round, and Tampa does not disappoint. Even the ocean is warmer since it’s located on the Gulf of Mexico side of Florida.

Additionally, you can live by a beach without feeling stretched financially. Exciting festivals, Tampa Bay History Center, art and music performances, Busch Gardens and ZooTampa offer an abundance of outdoor activities. The city is also a great place to raise a family, and there are more job opportunities than ever before, especially for those who are bilingual. Did we mention there is no state income tax?

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