Where do all the software developers work?

March 9, 2020

Last month, we shared where the Tampa Bay area’s software developers live. This month, we show you where software developers work and how much they get paid.


The dark blue zip codes on the map indicate 205 or more software developers and the lightest blue has 16 or less in those zip codes.

According to Chmura JobsEQ, Hillsborough County has the largest concentration of software developers in the Tampa MSA at 7,300, which accounts for 63% of the market.


So why the deep dive on software developers?


It is one of the most in-demand positions right now. Over the past six months, 800 employers advertised 3,100 job postings. They are also well-paying positions – the average annual wages in Hillsborough County are over $100,000. And lastly, software developers have job security. The projected five-year growth rate of this sector is 15%.