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Investor Spotlight – CPL

Since 1975, CPL has expanded into a multi-disciplined firm, cultivating inspiring designs for clients in the community, healthcare, higher education, K-12 education, and transportation sectors. We maintain 24 offices across seven states, including Florida, Georgia, New York, North Carolina, Ohio, Pennsylvania and South Carolina.

Everything we do is engineered to strengthen the bonds between us and our dedicated partners. Our collaborative approach ensures that we bring ambitious projects to life, leaving a lasting impact on the communities we serve.

Ryan Daniels, AIA, NCARB, CM-BIM, CPL Vice President and Florida Healthcare Practice Leader

With over two decades of visionary leadership in architecture and design across various markets, Ryan is creating Higher Education, Life sciences, health and wellbeing facilities that have a direct, positive impact on improving lives.

He believes design, innovation, and technology are the driving forces behind creating built environments that positively impact health and well-being. Ryan’s approach delivers impressionable experiences through quality design, and he infuses every project with strategic direction and a fresh perspective.

Combining this strategic direction with a fresh perspective, Ryan fosters a collaborative “think tank” culture that unites diverse viewpoints to achieve data-driven outcomes. His commitment to community service, active volunteering, and participation in local organizations testify to CPL’s values and our dedication to enhancing the welfare of all.

What, in your view, are CPL’s greatest opportunities for growth in the short term and the longer term?

CPL’s greatest growth opportunities are in leveraging our design expertise to meet the evolving needs of the Tampa and Florida region. In the short term, we see significant potential in the rapidly growing healthcare, higher education, and science and technology sectors, giving us unique opportunities to apply our innovative design to co-create solutions. This strategic focus allows us to meet the community’s immediate needs while showcasing our capabilities and building trust with new partners.

In the longer term, our vision extends to diversifying our market presence in the Southeast by entering in our additional corporate sectors such as community, transportation, and K-12 education projects. This growth will not only enhance and expand our regional footprint, but also help us attract top talent and add subject matter experts in these fields. By doing so, we aim to establish ourselves as a go-to resource in Florida and beyond, driving sustained growth and fostering deeper community ties.

You’re a new EDC Investor, what are you looking forward to most in supporting local economic development efforts?

Our involvement with the EDC gives us the exciting opportunity to be a valuable resource and trusted advisor for local businesses and community initiatives. One of the key aspects we look forward to is fostering strong partnerships with these stakeholders, helping streamline processes, providing forward-thinking solutions, and contributing to the region’s overall economic vitality.

Moreover, CPL’s culture of co-creation and engagement aligns perfectly with the EDC’s mission to strengthen community ties and enhance local business operations to help grow the market from companies looking to relocate to Tampa Bay. Our shared goal is to build a thriving business environment where local enterprises can flourish, creating a positive ripple effect that benefits the entire Tampa Bay community, from job creation to an improved quality of life.

What makes Tampa unique to other markets where you’ve lived and worked, and what excites you most about Tampa’s future?

Having relocated from the Midwest to Tampa six and a half years ago, I was immediately captivated by the city’s dynamic growth and vibrant community. Unlike many other rapidly growing cities, Tampa is focused on creating walkable communities and mixed-use developments, positioning itself to evolve into a connected, future-ready city.

This thoughtful approach to urban planning also makes Tampa an attractive market for the health and science sectors. Together with our clients, CPL has unique opportunities to participate in these transformative projects and help shape Tampa’s future, ensuring it remains a thriving destination for residents and businesses alike.

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