50,000 jobs currently open in high-skill, high-wage fields

Many know Tampa as a top vacation destination, but it’s also a leading business destination that’s home to top global companies, a burgeoning entrepreneurial scene and a thriving job market. Tampa offers competitive salaries and scores of high-skilled jobs.

In fact, Tampa consistently tops the state in job creation and job demand, particularly in the highly sought-after STEM fields. But it doesn’t stop there. Tampa offers more exciting career opportunities than anywhere else in Florida, and in fast-growing industries like cybersecurity, advanced manufacturing, life sciences and health care, financial services and more.

Tampa is also a collaborative and helpful market that wants to see everyone succeed. There are many opportunities to get involved in the community and make your mark in a big way.

Fast facts:

  • Florida ranks among top 10 states for IT job postings – CompTIA, 2021
  • Florida #1 state (Tampa #11 city) for remote jobs – MoneyPenny, 2020
  • Tampa ranks #3 for workforce confidence – LinkedIn, 2020
  • One of the best places to work in tech – SmartAsset, 2020
  • Hillsborough County ranks 4th among U.S. counties in employment growth
  • 50,000 jobs currently open in high-skill, high-wage fields
  • No state income tax so you keep more of your hard-earned money

Tampa ranks #3 for workforce confidence


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Tampa has the hottest job market in the state and is home to more high-growth companies per capita than New York City.

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