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For companies creating high-wage jobs in high-growth industries, a variety of targeted, performance-based incentives are available at the local and state level. Incentives, coupled with Tampa’s cost-friendly business environment, lowers the barriers to market entry and mitigates the cost of relocation and expansion.

Additionally, workforce training grants, tax exemption programs, and other resources are available to qualifying companies.

Available Incentives

At the state level there are four types of incentives that help to lower the costs of relocation and expansion: Targeted Industry Incentives, Workforce Training Incentives, Infrastructure Incentives, and Special Opportunity Incentives.

Qualified Target Industry Tax Refund (QTI): Refunds on corporate income, sales and other specific taxes for companies that first create high-wage jobs in high-value industries.

Quick Response Training Program (QRT): Reimbursable training expenses for instructor wages, curriculum development and materials for new value-added businesses or provide existing Florida businesses the necessary training for expansion.

The Tax Advantage

The state and local tax climate is perhaps a more compelling reason to invest in the region, which is why Chief Executive Magazine consistently ranks Florida as a top state for business.

Businesses in Florida enjoy:

  • NO corporate income tax on limited partnerships
  • NO corporate income tax on subchapter S-corporations
  • NO corporate franchise tax on capital stock
  • NO state-level property tax assessed
  • NO personal income tax
  • NO sales tax on manufacturing machinery and equipment
  • NO sales and use tax on goods manufactured or produced in Florida for export outside the state
  • NO property tax on business inventories
  • NO property tax on goods-in-transit for up to 180 days
  • NO sales/use tax on co-generation of electricity

Our business development team can walk through the different incentives and programs available as well as the qualifying criteria and the approval process with you.

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