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Widely considered the “Wall Street of the South,” the financial and professional services industry is the fastest-growing sector in the Tampa metro area with year-over-year employment gains. Nearly one in four business and information services firms in Florida are located here.

For more than 40 years, Tampa and Hillsborough County, with our business-friendly community, low cost of doing business, excellent quality of life, and talented labor force, have offered a competitive advantage to traditional financial centers of New York, Chicago, and Boston. Today, many of the nation’s leading corporations in banking, finance and insurance not only still call Tampa Bay home but are also expanding by leaps and bounds.

Companies like JPMorgan Chase, USAA, Depository Trust & Clearing Corporation, Citi, Pitney Bowes, MetLife and Wise continue to widen their footprint in Tampa by creating more jobs, adding office space and expanding operations. Citi’s Tampa campus has grown to a local workforce of more than 8,000 and is the second largest site outside of  New York City. An abundance of available skilled talent in the local market has been a key ingredient to Citi’s growth here.

Learn more about the local financial and professional services workforce, educational partners and programs, and ecosystem in our industry overview.

Fast Facts:

  • Tampa MSA employs more than 344,000 in the financial and professional services sector
  • As the fastest growing industry segment in the Tampa Bay metropolitan area, our financial and professional services had a five-year employment gain of 13%, adding more than 40,000 jobs with an average annual workforce of 344,000 by the end 2021.
  • Tampa was among top ten cities to start a business – WalletHub 2022
  • The Tampa Bay metro area was named the sixth-best city for startups in 2022 – Real Estate Witch 2022
  • Leading financial and professional services in Tampa Bay: Baker McKenzie, Citi, DTCC, Fisher Investments, Pitney Bowes, JP Morgan Chase, MetLife, PwC, Wise, USAA

In the legal space, talent is the most coveted asset.  So when Baker McKenzie made the decision to locate our North American Center in Tampa Bay, it was predicated on the accessibility of diverse & skilled talent across a multitude of business and legal disciplines.  The Tampa Center provides all aspects of business support for Baker McKenzie’s 77 offices around the world, and we are benefiting from the fact that Tampa Bay is attracting highly competent professionals from large cities, both domestic and international, at an unprecedented rate.  This, combined with the robust local educational system, captured not only our attention, but that of several Fortune 1000 companies.

 – Jamie Lawless, Executive Director, Tampa Center, Baker McKenzie

Florida #4 Best State Business Tax Climate
(Source: Tax Foundation, 2022) 

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