Advanced technology company with a mission to solve global water scarcity announces relocation to Tampa

September 14, 2021

TAMPA, Fla. (September 14, 2021) – Genesis Systems LLC, an advanced technology company that aims to solve global water scarcity, has announced plans to establish its corporate headquarters and launch its first line of products in Tampa. The company currently has 20 staff members and plans to add 125 new jobs over the next five years. These jobs will fulfill various functions including C-level executives, engineers (civil, mechanical, chemical and design), technicians and programmers, assembly workers (welders, pipefitters, sheet metal workers), project managers, and administration.


“Genesis vetted multiple cities across the country to answer which city would provide our unique mission to solve water scarcity with the best talent and the best lifestyle to support the talent we attract,” said Shannon Stuckenberg, CEO of Genesis Systems. “Our people are heroes solving hard problems for all humanity. They deserve to live in a city that supports them. In the final analysis, there wasn’t even a close second. Tampa won hands down.”


Genesis Systems has developed a new atmospheric water generation (AWG) technology that is capable of inexpensively generating fresh water on an industrial scale while carbon capturing. The firm’s proprietary technology easily scales to produce tens of millions of gallons of fresh water per day while consuming far less energy per gallon than any current water purification system.


About the size of a shipping container, Genesis Systems’ WaterCube™ system can be deployed virtually anywhere and can harvest mass quantities of water directly from the air where it is most needed—even in earth’s most arid regions—from the Southwestern United States and the Middle East to North Africa and Australia. The company has plans to fabricate the WaterCube™ in Tampa and is currently evaluating real estate options.


“With sustainability and resilience as one of our city’s strategic goals, which includes improving water resiliency, I am extremely excited to welcome Genesis Systems to Tampa,” said Mayor Jane Castor, City of Tampa. “Advanced manufacturing is a key industry for our city, and the work Genesis Systems is doing is not only innovative, it’s also solving real world challenges. I’d like to extend a warm welcome to the Genesis team and thank them for investing in our community.”


The Genesis AWG process requires minimal energy; therefore, it can be powered by a variety of clean energy sources such as wind or solar and it requires no access to the electrical grid or other energy or water infrastructure. Requiring only an approximate 0.5 kilowatts or less of energy per gallon, the Genesis AWG technology drives the cost of potable water toward parity with many municipal and desalination water systems. And because water is harvested from the atmosphere with no water source or other infrastructure required—the Genesis technology can offer an invaluable solution to many land-locked regions facing drought conditions.


“The Genesis technology has the potential to be genuinely transformative in regions and economies that are constrained by access to clean, fresh water,” said Stuckenberg. “We believe WaterCube™ will help the world sustainably adapt to a drier climate and that it will play a critical role both in high-income countries and in the developing nations that are most vulnerable to the impacts of climate change.”


Over the past 10 years, manufacturing employment in the Tampa metro area has grown to the second largest in the state with more than 8,000 jobs added. During the same time period, Tampa saw an increase of 13% or nearly 350 new manufacturing businesses established. In 2020, the manufacturing industry produced $11 billion in GDP for the Tampa area, with the average annual percent change in the past 10 years up 4.5%, compared to the nation’s 2.3%.


Genesis Systems joins a growing list of manufacturing companies that have recently announced plans to relocate its headquarters or open operations in Hillsborough County, including Signode Industrial Group, Anuvia Plant Nutrients, NuCycle Energy, and Advanced Airfoil Components.


“Advanced manufacturing is growing in Tampa and Hillsborough County, and the companies in this sector, like Genesis Systems, are developing technology that is making a significant impact worldwide,” said Jim Weiss, chairman of the Tampa Bay Economic Development Council and Regional President of Fifth Third Bank. “Genesis Systems is bringing high-quality, high-paying jobs to our community as well as a new level of innovation and commitment to sustainability. This is a fantastic project all around.”


About Genesis Systems 

Founded in 2016 with the singular mission to solve global water scarcity, Genesis Systems LLC is a woman-led, advanced-technology company employing ground-breaking materials and processes to generate low-cost, potable water—directly from the air at industrial scale—all with ultra-low energy expenditure. Genesis Systems, LLC is a privately-owned company with global traction and expects to grow into a multi-trillion-dollar organization within the next five years. Its water system—running entirely on green energy and renewables is the only technology in existence that can provide up to 10,000,000 gallons of water per day with no access to a water source required.