Investor Spotlight: Depository Trust & Clearing Corporation

September 30, 2020

Depository Trust & Clearing Corporation (DTCC) has operating facilities and data centers around the world, and through its subsidiaries, DTCC automates, centralizes and standardizes the post-trade processing of financial transactions for thousands of institutions worldwide. With 40 years of experience, DTCC is the premier post-trade market infrastructure for the global financial services industry, simplifying the complexities of clearance, settlement, asset servicing, global data management and information services for equities, corporate and municipal bonds, government and mortgage-backed securities, derivatives, money market instruments, syndicated loans, mutual funds, alternative investment products and insurance transactions. Today, DTCC stands at the center of global trading activity, processing securities valued at US $2.15 Quadrillion in 2019, and maintaining multiple data and operating centers in 15 countries.

Marie Chinnici-Everitt, Managing Director and Chief Marketing Officer, DTCC

Marie Chinnici-Everitt is Managing Director and Chief Marketing Officer with responsibility for DTCC’s global marketing and corporate communications functions, including overseeing the firm’s global corporate image and positioning, business marketing, and branding initiatives, as well as internal and external communications for DTCC, its subsidiaries, and their respective business lines. She is a member of DTCC’s Operating Committee and serves as Vice Chair of DTCC’s Diversity & Inclusion Council. Additionally, she serves as head of DTCC’s Tampa office, where she oversees the day-to-day operations of the site across all businesses and support functions.

This year obviously had some unexpected challenges, how did you and the EDC leadership team adjust course to tackle these challenges? And what are you most proud of during your year as chair?

Leading a critical economic development organization during an unprecedented global crisis required partnership, courage and tenacity. When the Covid-19 pandemic hit, our leadership team pivoted and we took immediate steps to survey our investors on our priorities given the impact on business, our economy and our communities. The TBEDC team’s ability to quickly deliver programs that were urgently needed, including the Economic Recovery Task Force and the development of a business recovery toolkit, and partnering with Visit Tampa Bay and the Tampa Bay Chamber, helped us to make a tangible impact on the area’s economic recovery and its communities.

I’m incredibly proud that despite this challenging and unexpected year, the TBEDC team further strengthened relationships with our investors and partners, amplified and expanded our talent retention program, and continued to deliver on key projects to enhance Tampa Bay’s competitiveness as a destination for business and talent. As a result of their dedication and hard work, and with the continued support of our wonderful investors, we remain on track to achieve our goals.

What community issues are you most looking forward to the EDC tackling over the next couple of years?

The recent events in the U.S. around race and social justice have had a deep impact on communities across the country. We must leverage this moment to truly drive progress and create lasting change. The TBEDC is fortunate to have a partner in the City of Tampa that is focused on social impact and economic inclusiveness.  We will leverage the City’s important work and build on it to create a stronger future for local businesses and the region. When we create a more diverse and inclusive workforce, we are building a stronger, more equitable society. It’s simply the right thing to do, and I remain encouraged by the TBEDC’s focus and efforts in this area.

I also look forward to the TBEDC’s continued progress around attracting new businesses and growing existing businesses within the community, which ultimately has an exponential impact on the growth and prosperity of the region. These efforts are critical to Tampa Bay’s ability to continue to grow and thrive.

Why is it important for the local business community to continue to support economic development efforts?

The continued focus on economic development in the Tampa Bay area benefits us all, personally and professionally. When the local business community gets involved in economic development, business climates and communities typically become even stronger. It’s no surprise that we are stronger when we work together.  No one business or one industry will be able to drive economic growth in Tampa Bay alone. We all need to work collaboratively to meet and exceed the collective goals of the TBEDC and to ensure continued growth across the Tampa Bay area.

We’ve all been staying at home much more this year due to COVID-19. Have you discovered any new hobbies or learned any new skills during this time?

Remote working and social distancing have definitely demanded many new skills. On a personal note, I’ve done a lot more cooking at home, improving my abilities and being much more creative with my recipes. I’ve learned how to build more structure and rigor around exercising and separating work from personal life. I’ve also increased my proficiency with new technologies. It’s been great for all aspects of my life in order to stay connected with work colleagues, friends and family all around the world.  In some respects, because of these technologies, I feel more connected than ever to people I didn’t often have the opportunity to see in person and I now “Zoom” regularly with them.