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Investor Spotlight – Ellison Companies

Ellison Companies comprises three separate though complimentary firms – Ellison Construction, Ellison Development, and Ellison Advisors. Ellison Construction is a leader in the high-quality construction of commercial, adaptive reuse, and placemaking projects in the Tampa Bay region. Ellison Development is an innovative real estate development firm dedicated to acquiring, developing, and constructing architecturally significant mixed-use projects. Ellison Advisors is an owner’s representation firm providing oversight and advisement throughout the design and construction process.

Casey Ellison, CEO

Casey Ellison has over 20 years of experience in the construction and development industries. He has extensive experience building and developing across all sectors with an emphasis on place-making hospitality projects. Casey has been a part of many of Tampa’s most impactful projects, including Oxford Exchange, Stovall House, Armature Works, Hotel Haya, and is a preferred partner for the Hillsborough County School Board, University of Tampa, and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Casey is civic-minded, serving as incoming Chair on the University of Tampa’s Board of Fellows as well as a sitting member of the Glazer Children’s Museum’s facilities committee.

You recently joined the Tampa Bay EDC as an Investor. Why did you feel it was important to support economic development efforts?

Tampa is experiencing enormous growth right now. We need to continue to support the city’s policies and attributes that make it such an appealing place to live. Organizations like the Tampa Bay EDC will help us take the city to the next level while maintaining what makes us special.

What do you feel is Ellison Companies greatest opportunities for growth in the short term, and the longer term?

One of the things that makes the family of companies, Construction, Development, and Advisors, make so much sense is that the construction and owner’s representative firms capitalize on the projects that are already moving forward. You can ride around the city and see great projects going up everywhere. We’ve established a reputation on the construction for building high-quality projects that people love to visit. Now, the development firm allows us to create projects and add to the city’s growth moving forward. We have two amazing master development projects, The Central in St. Pete and the Central City YMCA in Tampa Heights, that will change the landscape of their communities in a really positive way.

Your company has worked on some pretty amazing projects that have become favorite places among local residents – Hotel Haya, Armature Works, Oxford Exchange. What is your favorite part about working on such impactful projects?

The reason I love construction is that I’m creating something permanent, something I can bring my family and friends to experience. The projects you mentioned are must-see attractions in Tampa. And, really, I give so much credit to the owners of the projects you mentioned. They understood that Tampa was ready for signature architecture and making the investment in quality upfront. At the time, developers weren’t thinking like that. Our landmark projects are actually Tampa landmarks, and that’s pretty cool.

What excites you most about Tampa’s future? 

Tampa is finally finding its footing. We started off slow with projects like Oxford Exchange. As we’re growing, we’re defining ourselves. One thing I think is important, and exciting, is that we are building architecturally significant places. We have somewhat of a blank slate that we can define. It’s exciting to know that when we look at Tampa in 10 years, it’ll still be the city we love, it’ll just be an elevated version of that.

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