Louis Vuitton shoots Spring Collection campaign in Ybor City

December 16, 2015

Everybody loves Ybor City, and international luxury lifestyle brands are no exception. Louis Vuitton, the French purveyor of coveted leather trunks, handbags, shoes and accessories, recently shot its Spring 2016 Collection advertising campaign on the streets of our historic urban enclave. Over the course of three days, the Louis Vuitton production generated almost 300 hotel rooms, hundreds of thousands of dollars in local expenditures, and jobs for locals and vendors. In a few months, we’ll join luxury brand consumers across the globe in feasting our eyes on the new campaign, set against the iconic backdrop of Ybor City streets.
Louis Vuitton isn’t the only production that relies on our community’s rich and diverse settings for its commercials. Each year from late August through December, productions from all over descend on Tampa and Hillsborough County, looking to take advantage of the amazing weather and locations we have to offer. As the season continues and other top markets see significant weather changes that can cause delays and add significant costs, our region’s appeal only increases – and so does the economic impact.
“Our good weather advantages are extremely important for agencies looking to get ahead of their spring and summer campaigns,” said Tyler Martinolich, Production Manager for Film Tampa Bay. “Three feet of snow and dead leaves does not make for the best ‘look’ on camera when trying to sell bright colors or the latest summer fashion.”