Investor Spotlight: Fintech

January 21, 2015

A U.S. Chamber of Commerce Best Business of the Year winner, Fintech provides electronic data and payments to the alcohol industry, eliminating the need for cash, check, or money order. As a result, Fintech simplifies data into actionable reporting that helps businesses make smarter purchases. They are the only electronic funds transfer (EFT) provider that is compliant and available for use in all 50 states and now works with more than 2,300 alcohol distributors to serve over 300,000 relationships nationwide.

CEO Scott Riley is a lifelong entrepreneur whose successful career has spanned the industries of advertising, broadcasting, and communications. Riley, who has owned and operated businesses in Tampa and Hillsborough County for more than 30 years, recently explained why our community is such a great place to do business, work, and live.

In your view, what was the biggest win for Tampa and Hillsborough County in recent years?
Jeff Vinik’s project ( is a huge turning point for the community. He has been so involved and has committed to developing the Channelside and downtown Tampa area. I think a teaching hospital will also really ignite the downtown area.

What motivated you to become an investor of the Tampa Hillsborough EDC?
I currently serve on the Board of Directors of the Greater Tampa Chamber of Commerce as well as on the Business Advisory Board for the University of South Florida, and a presentation made by the EDC team excited me about all that was going on in Tampa and Hillsborough County. I grew up here, and I want to see the community succeed.

As a business leader here, what makes our community such a great place to do business?
I have owned businesses here for more than 30 years, and for the first time, you can really see how all entities – government, business, nonprofits, civic leaders, educational institutions – are all pulling in the same direction. This collaboration and pro-business attitude is making a huge difference in how the community operates and is portrayed to outsiders.

What makes Tampa and Hillsborough County an ideal place for a corporate headquarters?
We are one of the nation’s best kept secrets, but not for long. We have all of the pieces to attract a corporate headquarters: a high quality of life, a great tax system, and an educational system that grows and improves every year. The best part is that we’re only getting stronger in all of the qualities CEOs and other business leaders are looking for in a corporate headquarters relocation. Also, we are a welcoming community, and the next corporate headquarters is going to reap the benefits of that, from the resources and the publicity to the warm reception from other business leaders.