Investor Spotlight: Schiller International University

July 26, 2022

Schiller International University is a globally recognized university with campuses in Madrid, Paris, Heidelberg, and Tampa. It is accredited in the US and in Europe and provides students with a truly global experience: A learning-by-living education that enables them to learn immersed in multiple international realities, obtain an accredited degree in future-oriented areas, and create a personalized path to become world-smart professionals. Schiller ise honored to be a part of one of the fastest growing cities in the US – Tampa. 


Allan Alvarez, Campus Director 

Allan Alvarez has more than 20 years of experience in international education. With a master’s degree in Higher Education and specializations in Strategic Leadership and Management and language teaching, he has been a part of the leadership teams in global organizations such as the British Council, Kaplan International, and Amerigo Education. He joined Schiller International University as the Campus Director in Tampa in October 2020. Allan speaks four languages, enjoys sports and outdoor activities, and is an avid traveler. 

1. What excites you most about Tampa’s future?   

Tampa is one of the hottest cities in the US now. It has become a center of attention because of the many companies moving to the area, attracted by its weather, nature, and people. Tampa is welcoming more and more students, domestic and international. No doubt a city of the future, and this is a time to leave a footprint in its making. It is a time to help build a city that better responds to the needs of its people, in addition to making it thrive from a business perspective.  

2. You’re a new EDC Investor, what are you looking forward to most in supporting local economic development efforts?    

Schiller International University understands that we need to play a role in helping build the success of the city we are a part of. We are excited to see great investors joining the chamber, and we are honored to join those who believe in the prosperity and future of Tampa. As an international higher education institution that also plays a role in other cities, we would like to add the international flavor that Tampa deserves. Schiller has been fostering international education since 1964. We like to see ourselves as pioneers in this field, and we believe that by sharing our expertise as a global university, we can help make the local economic development efforts visible in the international stage.  

3. What role do you see your organization playing in helping to shape our community’s future talent pipeline?   

Tampa is on track to become an international business and technology hub. It will need professionals with knowledge, but also with vision and stewardship, and the ability to use their talent in a multi-cultural, diverse-driven context. Schiller alumni are known for their ability to display a global mindset vision – our students experience a learning-by-living approach that allows them to become leaders in today’s more interconnected world. Our programs in business, international relations, and technology, with a uniquely global outlook can help educate the future leaders of this city. We are thriving to become a provider of talent for our community, but also to become the choice for those students who are looking to become catalysts of change with a global mindset. 

4. You travel quite a bit internationally. When you’re talking to colleagues or prospective students from outside the market, what do you tell them about the Tampa area?   

I tell them about how Tampa area combines tradition with modernity (Think about Ybor City vs Harbor Island), the suburban vibe vs the excitement of the metropolis (think about Westchase vs Downtown Tampa), sports with performing arts, food truck experience with Michelin star experience, beach vs river. Tampa pleases all tastes and preferences. We have made the headlines domestically, but we need to keep working on making Tampa visible in the global stage.