Looking for interns? The EDC can help!

May 23, 2017

Thanks to partnerships with a variety of local organizations, the Tampa Hillsborough EDC provides valuable resources to businesses that help them thrive in Hillsborough County. Through CareerSource Tampa Bay, we are able to connect local employers with a pool of young professional talent looking for internship opportunities with the Tampa Bay Intern program.

Rather than search for interns on their own, the Tampa Bay Intern program allows companies to post internship opportunities and connect with potential hires in the area. College students are also able to use the website to search for internships that interest them.

Internship programs benefit more than just college students looking for professional experience. They are proven recruiting tools, serving as an ongoing pipeline of future employees and allowing companies to train talent before hiring them as full-time employees.

“Interns bring a fresh perspective to companies, while providing support to current employees, which can increase productivity,” says Maginda Montero, Business Development Manager with the EDC who recruits companies for the Tampa Bay Intern program.

To get started with the Tampa Bay Intern program, please contact Maginda Montero at (813) 518-2638 or mmontero@tampabayedc.com.

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