Opportunity Tampa Bay strategic plan finishes strong

August 26, 2022

For the past three years, the EDC’s work has been guided by our Opportunity Tampa Bay Strategic Plan. As we wrap up this final year of the plan, I am struck by how prescient our leadership was back in 2019. They charted a path for us that would further strengthen our region’s economy by zeroing in on strategic growth areas within our target industries and attracting the skilled talent needed to fuel their growth. Our Placemaking goal centered on enhancing our region’s national reputation as a business destination and an ideal place to live and work. But it also acknowledged that in order for Tampa Bay to achieve greater economic competitiveness, we needed a plan that would help increase the skills and prosperity of a larger swath of our local workforce.

Flash forward to today, and these actions are precisely what our economy will need to thrive in the years ahead.

I am excited to share with you the results of our Opportunity Tampa Bay Strategic Plan in this document.

Our board and Executive Committee are working on an update of this plan that we’ll be sharing with you at our Annual Meeting on October 19 at the Straz Center. I hope to see you and your teams as we celebrate another remarkable year for Tampa and Hillsborough County’s business community.