Tampa’s time has definitely arrived

May 26, 2021

As summer begins and the whole country emerges from pandemic lockdowns and isolation, Tampa Bay is gaining prominence as one of the best markets in the Unites States for relocating people and companies. While this was already the case pre-COVID, what’s different now is that our region is seeing an uptick in interest from the West Coast as well as our traditional pull from the Northeast and Midwest.

Tampa-curious Californians have even more reason to check out all that we have to offer. National Public Radio listeners living in The Golden State’s Central Coast are getting earfuls about Tampa all month long on Tom Wilmer’s award-winning Journeys of Discovery podcast. Wilmer and producer Jennifer Simonson visited Tampa earlier this month for a whirlwind tour of our city, and left so blown away by all they found here that they are running an entire series on the city and some of our favorite movers and shakers. You can learn more about the Tampa business leaders profiled and the stories they are sharing with Californians in this feature.

We also had an opportunity earlier this month to showcase our local business success stories in a social media campaign celebrating National Economic Development Week. Tampa’s diverse community of business leaders were once again in the national spotlight as our campaign of profiles, testimonials, fast facts, and videos were shared around the country by our Investors, followers and the International Economic Development Council. The constant drumbeat of positivity from our business community and their unabashed love for Tampa are some of the best recruiting tools we have to bring more skilled talent and exciting companies here.

As we ease into this holiday weekend, I wish you all a very safe and happy reunion with your friends and family.